Digital Application: On The Road

The purpose of this app is to assist the user in planning and logging road trips in the United States. The user can easily adjust their route according to their needs then document and share their travels.

When users select ‘Plan Your Trip’, they are directed to a map to select start and end locations. Each route is saved and will be available when ‘Start Your Trip’ is selected. These can be edited or removed at any time.

Once the main destinations have been determined, users are able to choose from a list of stops along the way.

‘En Route’ allow the users to search for stops while they are traveling, redirecting the course to whichever detours have been chosen.

‘Share Your Adventure’ allows users to log trips with media and journals. When ‘Make A Memory’ is selected, media, journals, and map are compiled from the users’ route of choice and arranged into an editable video.

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